Featured Services

Advise on the Perfect Bed

We will advise you on the perfect bed to suite your specifications down to the wire off spring or the density off foam that you need for an Optimum Sleep.


Custom Made headboards to suite your style and taste. We can make to size from Floor to ceiling or just for the bed. It takes time for perfection though!!!

Lounge Suites

We can custom make L-shape , Day sleepers , or Corner suites to suite your home to any size. Depending on the fabric and design we still keep your budget in mind.

Foam Mattresses

We keep a Range off full foam mattresses from Medium aerated to High Quality Latex foam.

Do you have any questions in your mind?


Please don’t Hesitate to give me Ash a call 0825610464 hit me a Whats app drop me an email or stork me on facebook I here to sort you out the best way I can.

Other Services

Sleeper Couches

We have a wide range of Sleeper Couches made here in South Africa made strong for us.

Comforters and Linen

We have poly cotton comforters in a variety off colors and sizes. We also keep high end High Thread count and percale linen on request.

Sofa Covers

High quality textured sofa covers. Comes in Cream, Beige , Grey.

Handmade bases

Made with Virgin Pine Timber supplied by our local mills, we make an 8 slate base with 2 cross members and seated on 4 legs. Colours are Chocolate Brown , Grey or Black suede.


We keep a range off high quality stainless steel Pot sets and individual steel pots.

Kiddies Chairs and foot Stools

Made specifically for your kids leisure Kiddies chairs aged between 1-5 years. Perfect for gift idea.